Mayoral chain 2015


In December of 2014 we thought it might be a challenge to make an alternative chain for the Mayor of Eastleigh. We called on the advice of Paul Spencer of Enliven and before we knew it he had pitched the idea to the Mayor's office and so it began.. Coincidentally,2015 marked the Eastleigh Borough's 40th anniversary.

The idea was to produce a chain that was not only made from recycled materials but that also depicted the history of the borough.


A huge thanks to the following without which we would not have achieved our aim,


Sharon Harding of GE Aviation, Hamble for the donation of scrap aluminium.

Martin Ratcliffe of Eastleigh (Southampton) Airport, for the donation of Scrap lighting panels and heavy duty copper wire.

Carly Mann of Carly Mann Art for Engraving the Town Coat of Arms.

Ben Irwin and Fred Kazi of Timpson Eastleigh for engraving the plate containing the credits.

Chris Balcombe who was the photographer at Mayor Making.


The completed chain which was two months in the making was donated to the Mayor on 14th May 2015.